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A New World Record  has been achieved by Keegan Meyers of Elliston South Australia, growing this massive Cucumber of 130.5cm (51 5/16" ) in lenght.

The previous record of 119cm was held by Clare Pearce of Whittlesey , UK, 2009.


NEW Australian Records Achieved :-


Cucumber Longest  ( Keegan Meyers ).......... 130.5cm ( 51.38" )

Corn Tallest  ( Phillip McCauley ) .................

Sunflower Largest Head  ( Paul Latham ).......... 49.5cm ( 19.5" )

Sunflower Most Flower Heads on Single Plant  ( Paul Latham ).......... 82 Flower Heads

For full records click here :- RECORDS   



16th January  2015  Phillip McCauley created a new Australian Record for a Giant Marrow weighing in at 38kg.

Phillip McCauley of Cora Lynn in Victoria had his Giant Marrow weighed at ATLANTIC SEEDS and it tipped the scales at a new Australian Record of 38kg.

Phillip says he is still trying to beet our Northern Hemisphere friends.

He wont give up.


The Pakenham Show is the site for the 2016

Victorian Competition of the Australasian Giant Pumpkin & Vegetable Competition     19th March 2016

Pakenham Show Schedule

Scales, Signage and props supplied by Atlantic Seeds





The Tooradin Primary School on the Westernport Bay Victoria has taken up the challenge to grow a Giant Pumpkin. Paul Latham, from Australasian Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Supporters, visited the Tooradin Primary School on Friday 7th November to help plant giant pumpkins in the school’s Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden.

Students were fascinated to learn how to grow these monster plants, and have already started a diary to keep track of their progress. They hope to grow an enormous pumpkin to enter into the Pakenham Show Society’s Giant Pumpkin Competition, to be held on 21st March, 2015.




Pumpkin seedlings need to be planted now, and any schools, organisations or individuals that may be interested should contact the AGPVS or our sponsor ATLANTIC SEEDS to enquire about getting seedlings.



Well its official Dale Oliver has beaten Ben Suma's record.

Dale weighted his pumpkin in January at 575kg pictured below.



WOW !!

Gourd Look At That > 


Records are being smashed at lot lately, and Ben Surma has a New Australian Record, not for a pumpkin, but with a Long Gourd.

Yes Ben has just broken Australia's record with his 3.080 meter long Gourd. 





Phillip McCauley with his Victorian Heaviest Pumpkin

Phillip McCauley of Cora Lynn in Victoria had his Atlantic Giant Pumpkin weighed at his farm on the 28th February 2012 by Atlantic Seeds and it tipped the scales at a new Victorian Record of 385.1kg.


Above is Philip with his 385.1kg pumpkin

Well done Phillip for setting new benchmarks in Australian Giant Marrows and Victorian Giant Pumpkins.



     Coming Competitions  (  Competitions in Date order )


      Promote Your Giant Vegetable Competition    

Coming  Competitions

        March 7th 2015  Kootingal Pumpkin Festival

        March 21st 2015  Australian Giant Pumpkin & Vegetable Competition  Victorian Weighoff  

        March 23rd and 24th 2015  Royal Sydney Easter Show

        April 4th 2015  Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition - Cadell Harvest Festival

        May 2nd 2015  Collector Village Pumpkin Festival   

        May  31st 2015  Goomeri Pumpkin Festival   













Recorded history shows Australians started growing giant pumpkins in the late 1980’s when a newly arrived Aussie, Russ Zimmer from Milwaukee United States, started the first official Giant Pumpkin Competition in South Australia back in 1987. Since then, the competition has expanded dramatically, with giant pumpkins being grown throughout the length and breadth of Australia, from Darwin in the Northern Territory down to Hobart in Tasmania, from Norfolk Island across the seas and deserts to Broome, Western Australia.

The Australian Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Society (AGPVS) was formed in 1996 by a group of giant pumpkin and vegetable enthusiasts who wanted to promote the growing of giant pumpkins and vegetables in Australia. Previous to this, the Competition was run under the auspices of the World Pumpkin Confederation. Since 1997 the Australasian Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Competitions were held across Australia every April untill 2002 to find Australia’s heaviest pumpkin and other record breaking vegetables. The AGPVS has endeavoured to keep a comprehensive list of AGPVS and Australian vegetable records, as after extensive research, no other Australian organisation was found to be keeping such records.

Organisers of Giant Pumpkin Competitions should contact Atlantic Seeds to discuss your requirements. 

Giant seeds are available from Atlantic Seeds. To order any seeds check out the Seeds or Order page.


We congratulate Jim and Kelsey Bryson from Ormstown, Quebec, Canada. They brought their record breaking 1,818.5 pound giant pumpkin to the Prince Edward County Pumpkinfest weigh, on October 15, 2011.

826.59kgs or 1,818.5 lbs

Pumpkin Australian Heaviest  Grown  Official  Ben Surma, NSW ( 2011 ) 518kgs
Pumpkin Australian Heaviest  Grown  Official  Dale Oliver, NSW ( 2013 ) 575kg
Pumpkin Australian  2006 Ben Boyton, NSW ( 2006 ) 512kgs**
Pumpkin Victorian Record   2012 Official  Phillip McCauley ( 2012 ) 385.1kgs
Pumpkin New South Wales 2003 * Ben Boynton of New South Wales 2003 431.1kg *
Pumpkin South Australian Record  2003 Official  Ken and Rosemary Holden, Port Lincoln, SA ( 2003 ) 440kgs
Pumpkin Tasmanian  Heaviest Reported  2009* Doug Doust , Richmond, ( 2009 Bream Creak Show ) 272kgs*
Pumpkin World Record  2012  Ron Wallace 913.18kg or 2009lbs
Pumpkin World Record  2011 Official  Jim & Kelsey Bryson, Ormiston, Quebec, Canada ( 2011 ) 826.59kg or 1818.5lbs
Sunflower Australian Tallest 2001 Official  Paul Latham ( 2001 ) 5m
Sunflower Australian Largest Head 2016 Official  Paul Latham ( 2016 ) 49.5cm
Sunflower Australian Most Heads 2016 Official  Paul Latham ( 2016 ) 82
Gourd Australian Longest 2012 Official  Ben Surma, NSW ( 2012 ) 3.080m
Gourd Australian Heaviest Official  Robert Weber ( 2001 ) 42.8kgs
Gourd Australian Largest Circumference Official  Robert Weber ( 2001 ) 1.770m
Marrow  Australian Record Official Phillip McCauley ( 2015 ) 38kgs
Watermelon Australian Heaviest * Galen Pettigrew (2001) 95kgs*
Rockmelon ( Cantelope ) Australasian Heaviest GBR Ned Katich   Upper Swan  WA ( 1982 ) 10.5kgs
Eggplant Australian Heaviest Official  Sam Trotta , Langwarrin, Victoria  (2011) 1.738kgs

*not officially recognised

**to be confirmed

For interest metric conversion is 2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram and 3 feet, 3 inches, 3/8" = 1 metre  


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